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Want to enable our human resource capital to provide customer satisfaction at one touch, for one community reaching out to one world?

Manger Finane
Outsourced HR
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We are currently accepting proposals from firms qualified to provide Human Resource (HR) consulting services to Eutel N.V. and its staff. Upon reviewing the proposals, Eutel N.V. will make a final decision as to which specific services will be performed and the performance timeline.


Eutel N.V. currently has nine (9) full-time employees for which we are seeking the following services:

  • Salary administration.

  • HR compliance review and maintenance.

  • Setup and maintenance of HR policies and procedures.

  • Management of the employee evaluation process.

  • Employee relations and communications.

  • Training and organizational development.

  • Support in CLA-related communications.


We expect interested firms to provide the following information:


  1. The proposed fee for the abovementioned services. 

  2. The fee structure for services outside Scope of Work.

  3. Description of the approach the firm will use.

  4. Details of any experience the firm has with providing similar services.

  5. The person(s) who will be assigned to the job and their biographies.

Responses to this RFP are due by Friday, May 6, 2022, by 17:00 St. Eustatius time via email to Questions, interpretations, or clarifications concerning this RFP can be directed to the same email. Responses to questions, interpretations, or clarifications concerning this RFP will be posted online via addendum at to ensure equal awareness of important facts and details.

ADDENDUM (Answers to questions and requests for clarification)

  1. Is Eutel N.V. planning on expanding its staff within the coming six months?
    Yes, we are currently looking to hire a Manager Finance in short term.


  2. Can we submit a proposal for only a selection of the HR services Eutel N.V. is looking for?
    Yes, you can. However, please be aware that in our evaluation of the proposals received, the scope of work each firm can handle will play a deciding factor based on our internal priority assigned to each service.

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